Meme, Monthly Wrap-Up

December Monthly Wrap-Up


Gaze Into Heaven by Marlene Bateman Sullivan (4/5 Stars)
Friendship Makes the Heart Grow Fonder by Lisa Verge Higgins (5/5 Stars)
Washing Cars & Wasting Time by John Oliva (4/5 Stars)
Her Deal With the Devil by Nicola Marsh (4/5 Stars)
When She Came Home by Drusilla Campbell (4/5 Stars)
Swimming with Maya by Eleanor Vincent (3/5 Stars)
Undeniably Yours by Becky Wade (4/5 Stars)
Impossibly Love by Shane Morgan (5/5 Stars)
Brood X by Michael Phillip Cash (4/5 Stars)
Ducks in a Row by Michelle Garren Flye (5/5 Stars)
By Proxy by Katy Regnery (5/5 Stars)
Before We Fall by Courtney Cole (5/5 Stars)
A Christmas to Remember (2/5 Stars)
Review: Stillwell by Michael Phillip Cash (3/5 Stars)
Review: If You Were Me and Lived In… by Carole P. Roman (5/5 Stars)

MeMe’s I participated in:
Teaser Tuesday – When She Came Home
Teaser Tuesday – Before We Fall

Cover Reveals
Playing for Love at Deep Haven

Books/other things I won/Given:
Overprotected gift pack by Jennifer Laurens @ Jennifer Laurens
4 Spooky ARCs @ Stories & Sweeties
3 Books & Goodies @ Deal Sharing Aunt – 3 partners in shopping
Woman on Top by Deborah Schwartz @ Every Free Chance Book Reviews
Champagne for Christmas by Jean Joachim @ Joachim Books
BY PROXY by Katy Regnery @ Katy’s Facebook Giveaway! Thank You Katy!!
Grounded By You by Ivy Sinclair @ Booklovers LaceyCat
Chicken Soup for the Soul: Inspiration for Writers @Susan M. Heim
Breaking Brandon @ As the Page Turns
$5 Gift Card from Renee Entress! Thank you so much!
Thank you everyone for a chance to read these books. I am cracking down on reading books on my shelves this year, 2014, and I know with out a doubt that there is awesome reads that was given or I won this month! Thank you again, and when I get to them I will post a review.

Favorite Book This Month:

Goodreads Challenge Congrats! You have completed your goal of reading 50 books for the 2013 Reading Challenge!. 56/50 (117%) Talk about catching up! It feels so good to be back on a regular reading schedule!

Upcoming in January:
Pushing the Limits
Finding Narragansett (Book Blitz)
Fifteen Minutes
Stuck in the Doldrums
Against the Odds: Still His Woman
The Master Plan (Book Blast)
Against the Odds: Forever
Running Lean
Beyond Escape
Beneath Our Faults (Cover Reveal) ?
It Must Be Fate (Blog Tour)
The Art of Letting Go (Blog Blitz) ?
Midwinter Magic
In Pursuit (Cover Reveal) ?
Boss’s Fake Fiancee
The Victor’s Wife
Playing for Love (Blog Tour)
Arranged Love (Blog Tour)
Sex Boot Camp (Blog Tour)
Twisted Sisters
The Dawn of Christmas


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