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On Hold

I really want to thank all the amazing Blog Tours I am a part of. I had the greatest time getting to know all of you, and the authors. However, my life has gotten crazy. There is a lot of things going on that has limit my time from being at the computer. I have been so busy with everything that my reading time has came to a stand still. However, if you have sent me a review copy, I promise I will post a review once I get a chance to review the book… it just may not be the time I scheduled. I am so sorry, I had no idea my life would take this crazy turn. Just remember to never take life for granted, and to always cherish your love ones. My faith will always lay where it should and I hope each of you understand. Please email me if you have any questions.

~Jenna (wjbooks)

Book: Sex Boot Camp @PaisleyBErotica

SOR Sex Boot Camp VBT BannerTitle: Sex Boot Camp
Author: Paisley Brown
Genre: Erotica Romance F/F, Menage

A week away…
After a hectic month at work, Cara expects to spend the next few days relaxing in her pajamas. Until her boyfriend surprises her with a getaway to a remote location.

To open her mind…
When she arrives at Sex Boot Camp, she anticipates her boyfriend will be by her side. Instead, she is left with a houseful of curious young women and a sexy instructor.
And fulfill desires she never dreamed of…

Although reluctant at first, Cara becomes entangled in a world of seduction and wicked fantasies.
Caution: This story contains an Alpha leader who ensures his guests leave satisfied, hot woman-on-woman action, and an MFM ménage that will leave you breathless.
Sex Boot Camp Cover
A faint cry broke the silence, followed by a whispered hush. Shadows swayed across the bed on the other side of Veronica’s, the one where Natasha slept. But there was no sleeping at that moment. She was having sex. But where was Veronica? Had she heard and left the room?”That’s it, V, fuck me hard. You rock that strap-on so well.”I gasped then covered my mouth, hoping no one else heard.”Quiet, Natasha. Someone’s awake.”Shit! I froze, not even daring to breathe.

“No, it’s probably just someone snoring. It a room with five women, one of them is bound to make noises in their sleep.”

My heart pounded so loud I was sure the entire room heard. Two of my roommates were having sex. Two women. I didn’t have anything against same-sex couples, but I didn’t expect to be in the same room while they got it on. And what about their boyfriends? Wasn’t the point of our time here to learn to have better sex with our partners? Obviously not for these two.

As much as their cheating bothered me, just hearing them turned me on. Something I would never admit to anyone. My pussy throbbed, and I longed for some sexual attention. When was the last time Braeden slept in bed, made love to me? Under the sheets, I slid my hand below the waistband of my sleep shorts. I’d never masturbated with someone else in the same room, but I refused to deny my sudden need.

I parted my swollen labia with two fingers, running them through my pussy juice. Braeden had never left me dripping so fast. More than ready, I expected to get off very quick. And hopefully get back to sleep before my other two roommates woke.

With the next slap of skin, I plunged my fingers deep inside. I fought back the moan threatening to escape. Like I needed them to know their fucking made me horny.

About the Author
I’m happily married with a naughty imagination. Sometimes all it takes is a whispered word or a sexy picture to inspire my next tale. My erotica stories may be contemporary, sci-fi, or paranormal, but all of them will leave you wet and panting for more.
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Review: The Boss’s Fake Fiancee @inarascott

Publisher: Entangled Publishing (Indulgence)
Author: Inara Scott
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Bencher Family #2

★ ☆★ ☆★ – 4 Stars

Is she his worst nightmare…
No relationships, that’s billionaire Garth Solen’s rule—especially not with a woman like his new employee Melissa Bencher, who thinks with her heart and not her head. But all bets are off when Melissa tries to make her jerk ex-boyfriend jealous by suggesting that she’s dating her gorgeous boss. How could she have imagined all the trouble one impulsive act could cause?
…or a dream come true?
To protect his ailing grandmother, Garth is forced to play the part of Melissa’s adoring fiancé. Now they’re trying on rings and posing for the paparazzi. The game is clear: for one month, they play the part of an engaged couple, and then they part ways. No emotions. No entanglements. But when it comes to matters of the heart, Melissa’s never been good at following the rules…

obs: It’s a sequel from RULES OF NEGOTIATION

Let me just say, I did not read the first book. However, that did not change anything. This book could definitely be a stand-alone.
This was a different read than what I have been reading, and I loved it! The setting, the mood, the suspense on how everything would work out… BRILLIANT!  The storyline takes off right in the beginning, so you will never want to stop, seriously.
Melissa is so down-to-Earth, charming, sexy, and learns to be independent. I loved reading about her, and her emotions throughout the book was so strong. Garth was the bold, successful guy who only wanted to focus on his fame, and make sure no real relationship existed. The chemistry between the characters was so real. Real in meaning, they could easily be watched right out your front door.
I truly enjoyed this book, and I would recommend this to anyone who loves a swoon, fun, emotional, suspenseful romance. As for Ms. Scott, where have you been? I absolutely loved your work, and I can’t wait to read more!

“Love didn’t ask permission. It wasn’t sensible or logical. It did as it wished, and damn the consequences”

About the Author
I wrote my first book when I was in high school–a romance called “A Wild and Stormy Passion,” which featured swordplay, kidnapping, a pirate heroine, and lots of naughty bits (that came entirely from my adolescent imagination!). Since then, I’ve written young adult novels and adult romances of the category, contemporary, and fantasy varieties. My books are romantic, sensual, and unconventional.
I am a dabbler and an emotional sponge. I can’t read scary books or anything with an unhappy ending. I reserve the right to enjoy country music, puppies, true love, and happily ever after.
If you’re perusing my Goodreads shelves, you should know I only review books I want to share the word about. If you ask me, life’s too short to read something you don’t enjoy.

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Disclosure: I received this book for free from the Author. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

Book Review: Beyond Escape @DeborahkJensen

BeyondEscapePublisher: Beaver’s Pond Press
Author: Deborah K. Jensen
Genre: Romance Suspense, Mystery
Review Source: Bostick Communications/Author

★ ☆★ ☆★ – 5 Stars!

After separating from her husband of twenty years, Kim is in desperate need of an escape. Retreating to her parents’ home in Texas for a month, Kim encounters ample distractions, the best being Camilo, an alluring Latino man seventeen years her junior. However, when returning to Texas unearths memories of a long-ago lover, Kim discovers her unintentional involvement in a series of dangerous escapades, bringing her deeper into her past than she ever cared to venture. Beyond Escape follows Kim as she pursues a trail of drugs, murder, and secret love affairs that were meant to stay buried.

Wow, this was a great read. I would love to know if there would be a squeal. I was constantly flipping through wanting to know more. I fought fatigue during sickness to finish this book, it is THAT GOOD!
I know I am heartbroken, I feel a little home-sick when I closed the back cover. I will forever hold the characters in my heart.
Kim takes a relaxing break from her divorce to head to Texas to spend the Holidays with her parents. What she doesn’t realize is how much she is able to let go, and find out what she had been missing. As soon as she is heading back to Texas her past memories keep creeping up to her. What she finds out is crazy, but so worth it.
If you love adventure, mystery, love, relationships, family… all mixed up into one book, you would love this. I would recommend it!

About the Author
Deborah K. Jensen was born and raised in Duluth, Minnesota. Writing has been a life long passion. Her first published work was when she was in third grade. Her poem was published in the Red Cross Magazine and at that time she announced to her teacher, “I’m going to be a writer.” Life, however, took a different turn for Deborah and she spent most of her career in the finance world. Then, inspiration came to her and her life long dream came true. Beyond Escape is her debut novel inspired by real live relationships and experiences.

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Disclosure: I received this book for free from the Bostick Communications/Author. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

C.Reveal: In Pursuit @AuthorLuck


Title: In Pursuit
Author: Olivia Luck
Genre: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance
Publication Date: February 2014


Eddie Neff needs space. Not the type that country stars croon about, but physical distance from her emotionally distant father and the tatters of a broken relationship. So when the opportunity to relocate her life and interior design business arises, the answer comes easily.

Adjusting to life with Claire, her gregarious new roommate, is more than simply testing comfort limits. With just one meeting, Eddie finds herself unable to resist the draw of Harris Grant, Claire’s brooding and overprotective older brother.

Harris doesn’t fit her idea of a safe relationship. He pushes Eddie to face her deepest insecurities and fears of abandonment. And Harris holds on to his own painful loss, unable to overcome personal demons.

Eddie and Harris must learn to conquer their internal struggles. But as they navigate their new love, outside forces fight to drive them apart.

In Pursuit smalljacket

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Review: Midwinter Magic @EricaRidley

MidwinterMagicPublisher: Intrepid Reads
Author: Erica Ridley
Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal Romance
Series: Nether-Netherland #2
Review Source: Author/LibraryThing

★ ☆★ ☆ – 4 Stars

After an eye-opening congressional hearing, former corporate shark Jack Morgan redirects his ill-gotten gains toward charity work. However, his attempts to bring holiday cheer to a Bolivian village meet with one disaster after another: canceled flights, crumbling luggage, implacable customs officials. His plans disintegrate further when he runs into a sexy tourist with . . . wings?
As Jack’s guardian angel, Sarah Phimm has her work cut out for her. When his latest volunteer mission risks his life, she’s forced to reveal herself to him—but only in part. She can’t risk him knowing the truth. He’s everything her immortal heart desires, but can never have. She soon discovers that keeping him safe amidst death bridges and tumbling telephone poles is far easier than guarding her heart.

Midwinter Magic is the next book behind Charmed.
Sarah Phimm is Jack Morgan’s Guardian Angel since the day he is born. She has watched over him from the time he started breathing until now. Now, everything changed since Jack Morgan can see her.
I found this book to be weird. I just couldn’t get over how Sarah fell in love with someone she has known his whole life. She was placed as his guardian angel, with one mission to protect Jack. So, how did it go from that to falling in love with him? I dunno, it would be like a mother falling in love with a son, you get my drift?
However, the story was good, once you get halfway into it. This book wasn’t like Charmed, other than Sarah is from Nether-Netherland. There was lot of view from the writer’s perspective. In my opinion, maybe if we could have been on the level between the characters, it would have been a different feel. Some of the book, I felt like I was watching the characters instead of knowing their thoughts, and the depth of their being.
I loved the end of the book, it was very catching. If you love reading about angels you should totally give this a shot. The ending is creative.
Overall, I did enjoy it, and I did finish it. Of course, I will read more by Erica Ridley! 

About the Author
Erica Ridley learned to read when she was three, which was about the same time she decided to be a writer when she grew up.
She is the author of two Gothic romances, Too Wicked to Kiss and Too Sinful to Deny, the vampire romance “Never Been Bitten” in the paranormal romance anthology Born To Bite, contemporary paranormal romances Charmed and Midwinter Magic, and the holiday romance Let It Snow.
When not reading or writing romances, Erica can be found riding camels in Africa, zip-lining through rainforests in Costa Rica, or getting hopelessly lost in the middle of Budapest.

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Disclosure: I won this book in exchange for a review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

BB: The Art of Letting Go @annabloombooks


Title: The Art of Letting Go
Author: Anna Bloom
Genre: New Adult, Romance
Publication Date: September 25th, 2013


One year. One woman. One Diary. One question: can you ever stop history from repeating itself and if you could what would you do to stop it?
When Lilah McCannon realises at the age of twenty-five that history is going to repeat itself and she is going to become her mother—bored, drunk and wearing a twinset—there is only one thing to do: take drastic action.
Turning her back on her old life, Lilah’s plan is to enrol at university, get a degree and prove she is a grown-up.
As plans go, it is a good one. There are rules to follow: no alcohol, no cigarettes, no boys and no going home. But when Lilah meets the lead singer of a local band and finds herself unexpectedly falling in love, she realises her rules are not going to be the only things hard to keep.
With the academic year slipping by too quickly, Lilah faces a barrage of new challenges: will she ever make it up the Library stairs without having a heart attack? Can she handle a day on campus without drinking vodka? Will she ever manage to read a history book without falling asleep? And most importantly, can she become the grown-up that she desperately wants to be.
With her head and her heart pulling her in different directions can Lilah learn the hardest lesson that her first year of university has to teach her: The Art of Letting Go?

The Fresher’s Ball
7:00 a.m.
OH, FUCK! Oh no, no, no, no, no.
I can’t believe it! I have woken up and can now remember the Fresher’s Ball, in all its high-definition 3D glory.
This is all I can remember of how I broke every single one of my Uni rules. I am going to write it down and then I am going to forget about it until the day I die, which may very well be later today.
The Fresher’s Ball completely rocks, but this may be because I break the ‘No Drinking’ rule by consuming:
Half a bottle of champagne
Three tequila shots
Three bottles of beer
Three glasses of water (to keep a balance)
Two glasses of wine
Note to self: This amount of alcohol causes significant pain and memory misplacement.
Halfway through this evening, the room is spinning in an alarming fashion and I am using the wall as a support. I would like to move away from it and dance with roommates, but I am scared that: A. My legs will fall off, or B. I will be sick. So instead I just stand and lean, sipping some more water.
The live band is great, though unfortunately I have to look at them through one eye. If I open both eyes, everything gets a bit blurry.
The lead singer is damn hot: tall and slim with a shock of dark hair and flashing blue eyes that I can see all the way from my safety spot against the wall.
Ha ha! If I open both eyes there are two of him!
One eye, one singer. Two eyes, two singers. One eye, one singer. Two eyes, two singers.
I think he may be glancing in my direction, but cannot be sure. Maybe he is just working out if he needs to get someone to call an ambulance for me.
Oh no! I probably look like I am winking at him. I am such an idiot!
I decide to head back to the bar and get another bottle of water. Without a backwards glance at the stage–let’s be honest I am in no condition to be glancing anywhere–I make my way to the bar. Froebel college is an old mansion house made up of a rabbit warren of rooms that I stumble my way through until I find where they have hidden the bar. Once there, I attempt to communicate with the barman for a bottle of overpriced water.
Sipping my drink, I turn from the bar, but someone is blocking my path back to the exit. I look up and see a pair of blue eyes twinkling down at me.
Ah, pretty, blue sparkly eyes like the sky at midday. I appear to be completely at a loss for words. Again.
A dark head lowers to examine me closer.
“Ben,” he introduces, holding his hand out to me, his blue eyes crinkling.
On closer inspection, I see they are surrounded by the cutest freckles I have ever seen.
“Lilah,” I respond, taking his hand, I don’t shake it, I just hold it.
That is so not cool.
I hope I am not still looking through just one eye. “You’re the singer guy, right?” At least my tongue still works.
He flashes me a wicked smirk. “Singer guy, I am,” he replies, his hand still holding mine.
I have no urge to move away.
“You’re the girl in the knock out white dress,” he adds.
I have nothing to say to this, but he laughs all the same.
“Would you like to go outside for some fresh air?” he asks, leaning forward slightly and talking right into my ear. His warm breath sends shivers down my arm and various other places.
“I should find my friends,” I say. I don’t want to. I want to follow the blues outside, but there is a teeny tiny part of my inebriated brain that knows this may be a bad idea.
“Come on, Lilah.” He tugs at my hand, and my willpower crumbles like a sandcastle in the tide and I follow him without a second thought.

I Will Not Talk to Boys. . . Much
Hold on a minute. It gets worse.

Outside, he takes a crumpled packet of cigarettes out of his jeans pocket. I cannot help but focus on his hand sliding into the tight space of his dark blue jeans.
I am a dirty pervert.
He offers me one, and I automatically accept.
Well, that is a pile of Crap!
I have broken all four of my cardinal rules within twenty-four hours of starting Uni.
Well done, Delilah! I offer myself an imaginary clap on the back.
“I wasn’t winking at you, by the way.” I assure him.
“Um, nothing.”
“So you here as a guest or a student?” he asks, leaning in and lighting my ciggie for me.
“Student,” I reply, attempting not to slur.
He lifts an eyebrow at this.
“Yes, I know I am old!” I retort. I should just walk away but my legs are not responding to any command my brain makes. Apart from the one that instructs me to stand there like a dick.
“Hardly.” The blues hold mine.
“Twenty-five is pretty old compared to all the spring chickens in there.” I motion my head to the hall behind me full of dancing teenagers.
Motioning of head is not such a great idea. My vision is about 5 seconds behind.
“I’m twenty-five,” blue-eyed Ben informs me.
“So what are you studying?”
He is standing really close, very close indeed. I seem to be staring at his lips as he speaks, they are all I can focus on. Everything else is blurred or doubled.
I take a long drag of my cigarette.
“History,” I tell him, waiting for the laugh. None comes. “So, have you been with the band long?”
“Ten years.”
“Wow! That’s a long time.” It really is.
“yeah, I guess.” He throws his cigarette away and I follow suit. He still does not move away from me. This guy obviously does not follow the rules of etiquette regarding personal space.
“You don’t recognise me, do you?”
Of all the questions I am expecting, this one is not it. “No. Should I?”
“I played at a Christmas party last year. You were there.”
I stare at the blues as he speaks; they are little mesmerising. Let’s just hope I have my mouth closed.
I remember the band now, and I vaguely remember him. Well, not him exactly, but something about the colour blue. John had been a complete asshole that evening, not leaving me alone for a minute. It has been suffocating and in the end we had left early. The evening was so bad I have forced myself to never think about it again.
“Sorry,” I offer. I kind of am.
“I think I prefer the white dress to the red.”
What?! He can remember the dress I was wearing nine months ago! I am about to say something. . . anything. . .
Then he is kissing me: his mouth warm and firm on mine.
It should be strange, but it is not as strange as you’d think. I automatically lean in and slide my hands into his black hair, pulling him down closer. His hand gazes down my back and over my left butt cheek. I am not complaining though. Nope, no complaints here. None at all.
Just like that my knees start to go. His arms slide around me holding me up and I think he may be chuckling, but I am not sure. It is hard to hear anything above the roaring in my ears.
This is the point I realise I am going to be sick all over a complete stranger I have just snogged.
“I think I should help you home,” he says into my ear.
“What? No way! If you think I am going to let you take me home so I will have sex with you, you’re sorely mistaken! I am not some gir–” My words are cut off by his lips. I try to protest but soon give up. It is not the most convincing protest I have ever made. I have protested more over cold toast.
“I am not taking you home so I can take advantage of you,” he says after finally pulling away so I can gasp a breath.
“You are really rather drunk and I think you should let me help you home,” he continues, a smile playing on his lips. He is probably right.
I can barely stand up, though I am not sure if that is through lack of oxygen whilst kissing or from too much booze.
“Besides,” he says with a twinkle of blues, “when I do have sex with you, I would rather you were a little more sober.”
I start to protest again but his arms lift me up and throw me over his shoulder in a very unflattering fireman lift.
“Where do  you live, Lilah?” he asks.
He is never going to know, so I tell him, just so he has to admit he does not have a clue.
To my immense surprise he just starts striding off across campus.
I try to think of ways to get down, but in the end just give up and stare at his rather tidy arse as my eyesight starts to go black.
This is all I remember.
So kill me now.
I can’t believe that I got drink enough to snog a stranger, even a hot one. What a complete bloody idiot. I may never, ever leave this room again. Ever.
I am going back to sleep. Hopefully when I wake up I will realise that this has all been a hideous nightmare.


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BB: PODs @michelle_kp

PODs-blitz banner

Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction
Title: PODs
Author: Michelle K. Pickett
Release Date: June 24th, 2013, 312 Pages

Seventeen-year-old Eva is a chosen one. Chosen to live, while others meet a swift and painful death from an incurable virus so lethal, a person is dead within days of symptoms emerging. In the POD system, a series of underground habits built by the government, she waits with the other chosen for the deadly virus to claim those above. Separated from family and friends, it’s in the PODs she meets David. And while true love might not conquer all, it’s a balm for the broken soul.
After a year, scientists believe the population has died, and without living hosts, so has the virus. That’s the theory, anyway. But when the PODs are opened, survivors find the surface holds a vicious secret. The virus mutated, infecting those left top-side and creating… monsters.
Eva and David hide from the infected in the abandoned PODs. Together they try to build a life– a new beginning. But the infected follow and are relentless in their attacks. Leaving Eva and David to fight for survival, and pray for a cure.


“Who ate all the damn strawberries?” Aidan yelled. “I was saving them for my cereal.”
“I did. Use the banana,” Josh said.
“A banana isn’t a strawberry. I marked the container with my name. You’re a jerk–”
The container hit the metal wall of the chute with a crack. I always jumped when it did that. I hated it. It reminded me of the banging and crunching we’d heard when Cam’s sub-POD was cut off from the main.
“It’s not time for our blood checks,” I said.
“Maybe it’s strawberries. I’d really like some strawberries… Josh,” Aidan said, an edge to his voice.
“Drop dead,” Josh replied, never looking up from his computer.
David got up from the table where we were having breakfast. Taking the container from the chute, he pulled a manila envelope out of the basket.
He dumped the contents on the table for everyone to see. Inside were ten name badges, one for each of us. Our photos — except Faith’s — and names were printed on one side; the other hand barcodes, David scanned the label on the envelope, his face growing pale. “What’s it say, David?” I whispered.
The seals to each sub-POD will be broken tomorrow morning. Do not attempt to leave your sub-POD. Officers will give residents directions and escort them to their appropriate area topside.’ That’s all it says.”
“It’s over,” Tiffany murmured, pulling the baby close.
“Hot damn! Finally, I’m free of this tin can,” Josh jumped up and hurried to the guys’ bedroom.
Well, at least Josh is happy. Why aren’t the rest of us? I thought we’d be excited. But instead everyone looks…anxious. What will we find up there? What has the world become?
“Well, guess we should start packing up our stuff,” Aidan said.
“Yeah, I guess so,” Seth agreed, rising slowly from his seat, rubbing his hands up and down his thighs.
One by one, everyone walked to their sleeping areas and started packing their belongings — except me. I sat in the living room alone, flicking the corner of my name badge with my fingernail. The lanyard would so tightly around my fingers they turned red. My insides were quivering, jittery. Something wasn’t right. For fifteen months we’d all looked forward to the moment we could leave, but no that the time was here it felt… wrong.

About the Author
Snapshot_20130721_17I’m a wife, mother, author, reader, although not always in that order. I write young adult urban fantasies, science/fiction and paranormal romances and have recently started dabbling in young adult and new adult contemporary romance. Reading was one of my earliest passions, writing soon followed. I began writing seriously during college where I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in accounting. Why I chose a career that frowns on creativity remains a mystery.
I’m addicted to Reese’s peanut butter cups and eat way too many while I write (I’m currently trying to kick this habit — so far no luck), have an abnormal obsession with hoodies and can’t write without one, and I hate to cook, but love to watch cooking shows on television. An unabashed romantic, I love a swoon-worthy ending that will give me butterflies for days.
I wrote my debut young adult novel, PODs, in 2011. My second young adult title, Milayna, a paranormal romance, will release through Spencer Hill Press June 3, 2014. Milayna’s Angel (Milayna #2) is scheduled for release September 2014. The Infected, a PODs novel, will release November 2014. It is the second, and final, book in the PODs series. The Innocent (Milayna #3), the third and final book in the Milayna series, will release in April 2015.
I was born and raised in Flint, Michigan. I now reside in a small community outside Houston, Texas with my incredibly supportive, not to mention gorgeous, husband, three amazing school-aged children, a 125-pound lap dog, and an extremely snooty cat.
Keep up-to-date with my current, future projects, appearances, and fun giveaways by visiting my website or blog!
I always love to hear from readers, bloggers, and authors!

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Praise for the Amazon Bestselling PODs:
“5 Stars! I loved this book. I have been kind of bogged down with dystopias lately, but this was amazing. It was so cool to see life before the ‘event’, to see Eva wrestle with her choices and then, to watch her change as she lived inside the PODs… Yes, there are zombies. Yes, there’s a little romance. But I think, at it’s heart, PODs is a coming of age story and Eva and how she grows from a girl into a strong, decisive woman during this period of absolute destruction. And Pickett writes it beautifully.”~ Sherry Ficklin, author of “Extracted”

“I was blown away by this debut novel from Michelle Pickett! Rather than feeling like I was reading a book, I actually sometimes felt like I was actually watching the characters’ lives progress; it was kind of weird! The emotions that Eva felt were so raw and real, and I think Michelle really captured the emotions that one would be feeling in a post-apocalyptic world…PODs may very well be one of the next big things in YA, so I am very happy to have been one of the ones that was part of the beginning of it all! Congrats Michelle on your YA debut and I am looking forward to more by you! I gave PODs a well-deserved 5/5 Stars!” ~ Phil book reviewer at Stack of Hardbacks

“5 glowing, sparkling stars for this one!… I absolutely adored every character Michelle introduces us to. This book isn’t just about a romance, or two people fighting some battle. This book allows us to get to know several, amazing, diverse characters who all grab your heart (even a few who have attitude issues). They all held such an important place in the story… Now for the plot. Holy crap!… Michelle did a flippin’ fantastic job giving us each piece of this puzzle… I won’t go into details about what happens after they were removed from the POD but O-M-G! The action never stops… This book seriously needs to be a movie. I could picture every details and already see it playing out on screen. PLEASE SOMEONE MAKE THIS HAPPEN!” ~Jessica of Total Bookaholic

(US Only -see note for international)
First Place: Signed copy of PODs, tote bag, and swag
Second Place: Signed copy of PODs and swag
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BBlast: Low-Tide Bikini


Recluctant housemates make fun bed fellows..

Sam Carlisle is the double bass player in the all girl jazz ensemble, Bikini Quartet. When her truck breaks down on the drawbridge, a panty-melting muscle man comes to her rescue in the rain. This isn’t the first time her life has resembled a bad country song. She later discovers he’s breakup, she swore off men.

Will Brock convince her he’s better than the men from her troubled past?

Brock Knight is a retired rugby player from Wales. He’s eager to get away from the paparazzi that hound him day and night. When he moves into his new beach house on Pleasure Island, North Carolina before Sam has a chance to relocate, he learns the proper way to shag.

Will he convince her to stay, or will she convince him she’s gay?

Low Tide Bikini is a funny, sexy romance that will make you laugh and sigh. With naughty naked seniors and an ostrich farm. Pleasure Island has it all. It’s a great place to visit, and for Sam and Brock, it might be the perfect forever home.


Sam’s breasts brushed against his arm as she leaned and whispered in his ear once more. “A British gentleman who doesn’t know how to shag. Imagine that.”

Doesn’t know how to shag? If she kept rubbing up against him, he’d show her exactly how much he knew about it. Every position in the Kama Sutra and a few tricks of his own that would have her panting and moaning for hours.

But she’d toyed with him about this shag dance. She was a little minx. “You deserve a spanking, a good heard spanking.” And he was just the man to give it to her.

Sam’s eyes rounded, and her nipples visbly beaded beneath the thin fabric of her pale green dress. It barley covered her glorious globes, but hung to the floor, leaving him dying to see what was under all that fabric. Taut nipples indicated she liked that spanking idea. Very good. He liked that idea too.

About the Author
Lyla DuneLyla Dune has taught music for eighteen years, played saxophone and clarinet in numerous orchestras and ensembles, taught piano, written songs, and repaired more musical instruments than she can recall. Yes, in case you’re wondering, you can fix rotary valve on a student’s french horn with a paper clip and a rubber band three minutes before the kid’s horn solo at Lincoln Center.
How did Lyla become a writer? A few years ago, she stumbled across a poetry forum online and dabbled in poetry for kicks. She became a word junkie. She’s published poetry, flash fiction, and short stories in many genres.
She lives on the coast of North Carolina with her husband, Gary, and her cat, Miura. One day, she’d like to have a pet ostrich. She’d name it Robirrrda, of course.

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Review: Charmed @EricaRidley

CharmedPublisher: Intrepid Reads
Author: Erica Ridley
Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal Romance
Series: Nether-Netherland
Review Source: Author/LibraryThing

★ ☆★ ☆ – 4 Stars

Prepare to be… Charmed!
Daisy le Fey is good at a lot of things. Math, science, accidentally turning people into pumpkins… Unfortunately, she’s not good at the one thing hiring managers look for when filling open positions for magical beings: Magic.
When she jeopardizes her apprenticeship by getting involved with sexy mortal Trevor Masterson, it’s one disaster too many. In order to stay out of purgatory, she’s going to have to ditch the human—and her one chance at true love.

I truly enjoyed this light read and the writing so much I was laughing through a lot of the scenes. The story painted a very detailed picture with enough in the plot that will have you wanting to finish it when you first start to read. There was a lot happening: excitement, emotions, nail biting. I will always remember Daisy and Trevor. I usually don’t read Paranormal, but I think I will start embracing a new genre. I enjoy that easy it was to follow and filled with fantasy. All of the characters were enjoyable,  developed, fun, exciting, flawed, and some even sexy.
Daisy is  strong, cheerful, runs into trouble, and she is wingless tooth fairy. She doesn’t think she needs a relationship much less  romance. I guess you will just need to grab up this book to figure out what Daisy will due to to gain her wings and how her magical powers work, lets just say turning things into pumpkins is not what should happen.
This is an adult twist to fairy tales, and kinda like an all grown up Tinkerbell. If you love tooth fairies, then you will definitely love this book, go ahead and be Charmed, like I was.

About the Author
Erica Ridley learned to read when she was three, which was about the same time she decided to be a writer when she grew up.
She is the author of two Gothic romances, Too Wicked to Kiss and Too Sinful to Deny, the vampire romance “Never Been Bitten” in the paranormal romance anthology Born To Bite, contemporary paranormal romances Charmed and Midwinter Magic, and the holiday romance Let It Snow.
When not reading or writing romances, Erica can be found riding camels in Africa, zip-lining through rainforests in Costa Rica, or getting hopelessly lost in the middle of Budapest.

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Disclosure: I won this book in exchange for a review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.