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BBlast: Low-Tide Bikini


Recluctant housemates make fun bed fellows..

Sam Carlisle is the double bass player in the all girl jazz ensemble, Bikini Quartet. When her truck breaks down on the drawbridge, a panty-melting muscle man comes to her rescue in the rain. This isn’t the first time her life has resembled a bad country song. She later discovers he’s breakup, she swore off men.

Will Brock convince her he’s better than the men from her troubled past?

Brock Knight is a retired rugby player from Wales. He’s eager to get away from the paparazzi that hound him day and night. When he moves into his new beach house on Pleasure Island, North Carolina before Sam has a chance to relocate, he learns the proper way to shag.

Will he convince her to stay, or will she convince him she’s gay?

Low Tide Bikini is a funny, sexy romance that will make you laugh and sigh. With naughty naked seniors and an ostrich farm. Pleasure Island has it all. It’s a great place to visit, and for Sam and Brock, it might be the perfect forever home.


Sam’s breasts brushed against his arm as she leaned and whispered in his ear once more. “A British gentleman who doesn’t know how to shag. Imagine that.”

Doesn’t know how to shag? If she kept rubbing up against him, he’d show her exactly how much he knew about it. Every position in the Kama Sutra and a few tricks of his own that would have her panting and moaning for hours.

But she’d toyed with him about this shag dance. She was a little minx. “You deserve a spanking, a good heard spanking.” And he was just the man to give it to her.

Sam’s eyes rounded, and her nipples visbly beaded beneath the thin fabric of her pale green dress. It barley covered her glorious globes, but hung to the floor, leaving him dying to see what was under all that fabric. Taut nipples indicated she liked that spanking idea. Very good. He liked that idea too.

About the Author
Lyla DuneLyla Dune has taught music for eighteen years, played saxophone and clarinet in numerous orchestras and ensembles, taught piano, written songs, and repaired more musical instruments than she can recall. Yes, in case you’re wondering, you can fix rotary valve on a student’s french horn with a paper clip and a rubber band three minutes before the kid’s horn solo at Lincoln Center.
How did Lyla become a writer? A few years ago, she stumbled across a poetry forum online and dabbled in poetry for kicks. She became a word junkie. She’s published poetry, flash fiction, and short stories in many genres.
She lives on the coast of North Carolina with her husband, Gary, and her cat, Miura. One day, she’d like to have a pet ostrich. She’d name it Robirrrda, of course.

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