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Review: Hidden Violet @VivWinslow

Title: Hidden Violet
SeriesThe Gilded Flower Trilogies, Book 2
Publisher: Self- Published
Author: Vivian Winslow
Genre: Erotica Romance

★ – 5 Stars!


With her hidden past about to be exposed, Vi turns to her longtime friend and confidant, Thomas Squires, for help. Yet, they may just risk exposing their feelings for each other in the process. When Lily’s engagement to Alejandro is threatened by ex-lover Gustavo, Vi is forced to come clean with her best friend and possibly destroy the lives of those she loves. Now that her secrets are no longer hidden, Vi faces the most difficult challenge yet—how to build a new life for herself outside of the shadows.

Violet, Oh sweet angel of mine..
She has developed so much in the past five years. I loved who she has become, and was relieved when she didn’t get into “much” trouble, much is used loosely here just because of some of the trouble she did get into.
Will she ever pick between the two, will her father give her what she needs, instead of what he think he wants? Oh the questions that come after reading this story. Come on Vivian, I need more!
I was sucked into this story, just as I was sucked into the last. I am rooting in all directions with this book, and I do not know if I can make it with such a cliffhanger.
Have you ever got to the end of a book, and you pushing your finger, hoping to flip another page, or words would magically appear?? That is what I was doing with this one, ha!
Love. Love. Love.

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About the Author  
Elizabeth Ann Hayes writes Romance under the pen name Vivian Winslow. Elizabeth was born in San Diego, California but has spent most of her adult life as the consummate wanderer. Her nomadic life took her abroad to Paris, Madrid, London, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, and São Paulo. After eleven moves across four continents over a span of seventeen years, her journey brought her back to New York City in 2011 where, despite the chaotic pace, she’s managed to make it home for herself and her family.

Since 2014, Elizabeth has published nine novellas in her Gilded Flower Trilogies as well as three installments of Wildflowers, a contemporary romance series. These standalone novels are female-driven with strong, beautiful and intelligent women as well as diverse characters, reflecting her own multi-cultural heritage. The inspiration for her books comes from a strong desire to break the mold in the genre, which largely portrays women as weak, subservient and having low self-esteem. Believing that stories have the power to influence attitudes and shift perspectives, Elizabeth writes in order to challenge this paradigm. She doesn’t mind being considered a feminist although she believes balancing the roles of men and women in literature honors both the masculine and feminine in everyone. But more than anything, her sincere hope is that her books foster the reader’s connection to their unique strengths, gifts and desires.



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