Post-Apocalyptic, Science Fiction & Fantasy

Review: Rippers @ashleidaylen

Title: Rippers
Series: The New Night, Book 1
Publisher: Self- Published
Author: Ashlei Hawley
Genre: Post-Apocalyptic, Science Fiction & Fantasy

★ ☆★ ☆ – 4 Stars

Phoebe Woodard’s world has changed. With her mother brutally murdered and three small children to look after, Phoebe is lost in a world of infected cannibals until she meets seventeen-year-old Leland and the vampire, Jameson.

Although unlikely allies, the three of them band together within the first New Night as super fast, super strong flesh-eaters known as Rippers begin to sweep over the country. Fears must be faced, bonds must be forged, and futures must be protected.

In the New Night, where not even a vampire can withstand the Ripper flood alone, will Phoebe, Leland, and Jameson be able to find the safe place they need together?

Rippers, completely out of my comfort zone. I have stepped into no mans land, where I never thought I would be.
This book was so good! It kept me wanting to flip pages, it had me enticed into the plot line filled with unknown excited events. I was even asking Ashlei when the next book will be out, because hello! I want to know more to this story. There was one place that was predictable, but that is okay. It is buried now, and we can move forward. (insert sad face)
Rippers is like The Walking Dead on steroids. The “walkers” which are called rippers are stronger, meaner, and faster than those walkers. They can smash cars, windows, etc. Pretty creepy.
Phoebe, a teenage girl, helping her mom out at a daycare, Phoebe just so happened to be at the wrong place, wrong time… or was she?
Leland, which by the way I love the name, an older teen who gets left by himself due to family not knowing when to be quiet.
Jameson, a new vampire, who just lost his wife, the love of his life, and the one who created him.
You get to bounce around with characters and I loved that. I loved know what each character thought, it really helped with the story, and you got to know them more so the story felt real. It felt as though you was going through the emotions in their journey.

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About the Author 
Ashlei Hawley is a writer of horror, erotica, and paranormal books. She is the author of The New Night Series, Between Blood and Beast, All Purpose Exorcisms (book one of the Cameron Connelly series), Seared, Pierced, Scorched, A Whisper In the Dark, Beyond Our Stars, and the Project Purgatory zombie novellas, Project Purgatory: Phase One and Phase Two.
She has been involved in several collaboration and anthology projects, three of which (Painted Mayhem, Devil Station, and the Sensual and Sinful Cravings Erotic Anthology) have hit bestseller lists on Amazon.
Ashlei lives in close proximity to her amazing family with her son and his father. She awaits the zombie takeover or other apocalyptic event with some excitement; though she feels woefully unprepared for such an occurrence.



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