Young Adult

Review: First Kisses @DinaLittner

Title: First Kisses
Publisher: Self- Published
Author: Dina Littner
Genre: Young Adult, Romance

★ ☆★ ☆★ – 5 Stars!

Fifteen year-old Jillian Ross is determined to get her first kiss this summer. She is surprised to find the solution to her problem has been right next to her all along.

It’s the Fourth of July and more than one kind of fireworks are going to explode.

It was one of the sweetest YA books I have ever read. Within the small amount of pages, you are comfortable, you are loving the characters and the softness about the book. It was definitely a warm welcome to something more.
Jillian’s character reminded me much of myself. I guess that is why I could relate to her, and understand her. No, my first kiss wasn’t like this, but our personalities are very similar. I can not wait to sink into the next part of this book. I know I will enjoy it, and I know Dina just gained another fan.

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About the Author 

Dina Littner is a writer. She writes heartbreak, I mean, romance. She does other things, too, like read and Mom and cry when it’s cold outside.

Dina’s working on the Impossible Choices series and has published First Kisses, A Short Story, as a preview of her work. Dina’s also had the pleasure to contribute stories to the F*cking Awkward and F*cking Awkward Holidays anthologies (available for a limited time only).



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