Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

Review: Pieces of You @LisaMarieAuthor

Title: Pieces of You
Publisher: Entertwine Publishing
Author: Lisa Marie
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance

★ ☆★ ☆★ – 5 Stars!

Throughout your life, your experiences define you, define your choices and define your path. Taking pieces of you and scattering them everywhere so that everyone who means anything to us can carry those pieces with them – always. Sometimes that’s not a good thing. Sometimes those pieces of you are a burden, when you yourself are carrying the weight of too many pieces. Sometimes those pieces make you forget what it’s like to live.

Ty Lorey has to learn how to move forward after his fairytale came crashing down around him, leaving him filled with guilt and remorse. Leaving him a shadow of the man he used to be. Leaving him broken and defeated only to go through the motions of everyday life, pretending he’s surviving. Living in a small town makes it hard to escape the nightmares of the day when everything changed. Reliving it nightly with images that consume his peace.

Until he meets Riley.

Without realization, the dark-haired beauty with the dimples teaches him to smile again. With the smile comes hope that maybe, just maybe, he can be fixed and that getting an opportunity to say goodbye is the only answer for his peace.

Was not expecting that emotional ride, lawd, I think I needed a shot of vodka, and I will have to purchase another box of tissues as I dwell in my sorrow. I think my blankets will be forever wet from the tears sliding down my face.
Ty is an amazing character. He has wounds, baggage, and a heavy heart. Ty has many layers, and learns how to cope with his wounds. He wants to leave the past behind him, but doesn’t fully know how to close the door until the opportunity is in front of him.
Riley, a girl who never knows where life will take her. She is a settling type, and loves to flip houses all over. She never wants to settle for anything, until she meets Ty, and her life takes a toll of just “being”.
I was rooting for them. I watched them grow and build. I watched their characters overcome so much, and then a surprise happened. I wasn’t expecting it at all. One of the best reads for 2016, one I will remember for awhile.
I hope we get a follow up to this read, and I hope Lisa continues to take us through this journey.
Lisa’s writing is exceptional. She paints images with her words, she brings the book to life right before your eyes. Captivating.

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About the Author 

Lisa Marie was born and raised in Alberta Canada. Mother to two amazing girls and one husband-child, Lisa is a fierce advocate for children and families on the Autism spectrum, and she won’t rest until Inclusion means just that.

She wrote her first Novel Keystrokes because she found an image of the model that currently graces the cover, and inspiration hit her hard. Taking a chance with a publisher, she began her writing journey.

Stay tuned to see where Lisa’s journey will take her next!



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