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Review: Worthy of the Harmony @AuthorRCMartin

Title: Worthy of the Harmony
Series: Mountains & Men, Book 1
Publisher: Self- Published
Author: RC Martin
Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult

★ – 5 Stars!

She is guarded.
She is inspirational.
She is worthy of more than an encore.

He is alluring.
He is confident.
He is more than she ever bargained for.

Her stubbornness battles against his persistence…
His optimism outshines her resistance…
And their song plays on.

Sage McCoy has always been the type of guy who goes after what he wants. For years, what he’s desired most is to see his band, Mountains & Men, become more than Saturday night entertainment at a local bar. He swears he’ll chase that dream until it comes true, or he’ll die trying. Now, he senses that he and his mates are on the precipice of something amazing, and he’s never wanted anything more.

Except, perhaps, Millicent Valentine—the woman he craves above all others.

Millicent Valentine believes in one absolute truth: Men always leave. Yet, despite her belief that Sage will eventually tire of her, she can’t help but indulge her desire for him. She makes up her mind that he can have her body, but he isn’t allowed her heart. Though, she never anticipated that the leading man of Mountains & Men would be so much more than the arrogant little shit she imagined him to be.

☆Worthy of the Harmony is NOT a standalone novel. It is best enjoyed AFTER you’ve read Encore Worthy. Intended for audiences 18+ years of age due to explicit language and sexual content.☆

Oh my dear heavens. What is this!?
Sage, I know in my last review, he said things too much, and I was a little bitter toward him, but I am loving him now! It all makes sense. Do you understand that? You know when you first start hanging around someone and some of their actions get on your nerves, but over time you don’t notice them anymore? Well, that is what has kinda happened with this book. His repeat of doll face, baby doll, I don’t recall it being too much… but anyway enough of me jabbering about that.

Sage, he is a Hero! He is one of those men that you want to be around, he cares for people. I love his character, he is rounded… he has it all and a bag of chips. Sage can take me to dinner any day, hahaha! Bring me some salsa with that because I want it spicy!

Millie, I am so proud of her. She isn’t your typical love-struck heroine. She has baggage, she has a past, and she has to be able to let go of some weight before you truly see her character show out, and I love her. Like for real. She has some edge. She is one of those types of girls you want to get to know because she is positive. She is one that brings light into a room, and she never has to open her mouth. Love it!

This story was more than a romance, it was about self evolving. You get to learn so much, and people what you read in books can be real, you just got to jump into the story and go on the adventure. Take a ride with Mountains & Men, you will not be disappointed.

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About the Author 

I’m a born and bred Coloradan. While I now reside in Virginia, the land of the Rocky Mountains is where I’ve left a piece of my heart and where my characters come to life. I started writing love stories when I was seventeen, and I haven’t been able to stop! With me, you’ll find that I dabble in a few different romance genres, but my voice is one that’s all about the heart. Writing is my dream; and as a dreamer, you can rest assured that there are many more novels in my head that I can hardly wait to share.



Mountains & Men
Encore Worthy
Worthy of the Harmony
Worthy of Dissonance
Worthy of Melody


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