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January Monthly Wrap-Up


Read & Reviewed
Fly A Little Higher by Laura Sobiech (5/5 Stars)
Twisted Sisters by Jen Lancaster (2/5 Stars)
Tales From My Closet by Jennifer Anne Moses (4/5 Stars)
The Christmas Town by Elyse Douglas (5/5 Stars)
The Line Between by Tamsyn Bester (5/5 Stars) *ARC*
Save Me From Myself by Stacey Mosteller (4/5 Stars)
The Dawn of Christmas by Cindy Woodsmall (4/5 Stars)
A Tricky Game by Seraphima Bogomolova (4/5 Stars)

Participated in Blog Tours
Release/Book Blitz

Shatter Me by Alex Grayson
Wild Violet by Vivian Winslow
On Solid Ground by Melissa Collins
The Line Between by Tamsyn Bester
Saving You by Kelly Elliott
Forever Now by Elise Sax
Fat Louise by Jamie Begley
False Finder by Mia Hoddell
Just Let Me Love You by S.R. Grey
In For the Kill by Shannon McKenna
Into A Million Pieces by Angela V. Cook

Cover Reveals
Forever You’re Mine by K. Langston
Finding Us by Debra Presley
Clear by Jessica Park
Naked by Stacey Trombley
The Only Way by Magan Vernon
No Where But Here by Katie McGarry
Red by Jacqueline Noir
Love & Lust in the Tropics by Derrick West

Synopsis Reveal
My So Called Life by J.D. Hollyfield

Tied With a Bow and No Place to Go by Ann Everett
In For the Kill by Shannon McKenna
The Legend of Arturo King by L.B. Dunbar

Christmas with the Black Sheep by Natalie-Nicole Bates



Favorite Book This Month:

Favorite Book Cover This Month: FlyaLittleHigher

Goodreads Challenge
You have read 7 of 50 books in 2015
5 books ahead of schedule

Upcoming in February:
*Some Changes May Be Made*

**Reads & Reviews**
Wild Violet
The Promise
Me, You and Us Series – Review Tour
Celtic Fan – Review Tour
Sinful Rewards 8 – Review Tour
Snowed In – Review Tour

December Monthly Wrap-Up


Gaze Into Heaven by Marlene Bateman Sullivan (4/5 Stars)
Friendship Makes the Heart Grow Fonder by Lisa Verge Higgins (5/5 Stars)
Washing Cars & Wasting Time by John Oliva (4/5 Stars)
Her Deal With the Devil by Nicola Marsh (4/5 Stars)
When She Came Home by Drusilla Campbell (4/5 Stars)
Swimming with Maya by Eleanor Vincent (3/5 Stars)
Undeniably Yours by Becky Wade (4/5 Stars)
Impossibly Love by Shane Morgan (5/5 Stars)
Brood X by Michael Phillip Cash (4/5 Stars)
Ducks in a Row by Michelle Garren Flye (5/5 Stars)
By Proxy by Katy Regnery (5/5 Stars)
Before We Fall by Courtney Cole (5/5 Stars)
A Christmas to Remember (2/5 Stars)
Review: Stillwell by Michael Phillip Cash (3/5 Stars)
Review: If You Were Me and Lived In… by Carole P. Roman (5/5 Stars)

MeMe’s I participated in:
Teaser Tuesday – When She Came Home
Teaser Tuesday – Before We Fall

Cover Reveals
Playing for Love at Deep Haven

Books/other things I won/Given:
Overprotected gift pack by Jennifer Laurens @ Jennifer Laurens
4 Spooky ARCs @ Stories & Sweeties
3 Books & Goodies @ Deal Sharing Aunt – 3 partners in shopping
Woman on Top by Deborah Schwartz @ Every Free Chance Book Reviews
Champagne for Christmas by Jean Joachim @ Joachim Books
BY PROXY by Katy Regnery @ Katy’s Facebook Giveaway! Thank You Katy!!
Grounded By You by Ivy Sinclair @ Booklovers LaceyCat
Chicken Soup for the Soul: Inspiration for Writers @Susan M. Heim
Breaking Brandon @ As the Page Turns
$5 Gift Card from Renee Entress! Thank you so much!
Thank you everyone for a chance to read these books. I am cracking down on reading books on my shelves this year, 2014, and I know with out a doubt that there is awesome reads that was given or I won this month! Thank you again, and when I get to them I will post a review.

Favorite Book This Month:

Goodreads Challenge Congrats! You have completed your goal of reading 50 books for the 2013 Reading Challenge!. 56/50 (117%) Talk about catching up! It feels so good to be back on a regular reading schedule!

Upcoming in January:
Pushing the Limits
Finding Narragansett (Book Blitz)
Fifteen Minutes
Stuck in the Doldrums
Against the Odds: Still His Woman
The Master Plan (Book Blast)
Against the Odds: Forever
Running Lean
Beyond Escape
Beneath Our Faults (Cover Reveal) ?
It Must Be Fate (Blog Tour)
The Art of Letting Go (Blog Blitz) ?
Midwinter Magic
In Pursuit (Cover Reveal) ?
Boss’s Fake Fiancee
The Victor’s Wife
Playing for Love (Blog Tour)
Arranged Love (Blog Tour)
Sex Boot Camp (Blog Tour)
Twisted Sisters
The Dawn of Christmas

November Monthly Wrap-Up


Against the Odds: A Love Story by J.Adams (4/5 Stars)
Someday, Someday, Maybe by Lauren Graham (5/5 Stars)
Frankie & Delilah by Francesca-Anna Daniels & Delilah Borden (4/5 Stars)
Spring Cleaning by Brandi Salazar (5/5 Stars)
Tainted Love by Eva Márquez (4/5 Stars)
Get Lost by Dannah Gresh (4/5 Stars)
The Magenta Man by Jodi Cardin (3/5 Stars)
Snow Angels by James Thompson (3/5 Stars)
A Matter of Trust by Lis Wiehl (5/5 Stars)
The Night Horses by Anaka Jones (5/5 Stars)
Transparent by Natalie Whipple (5/5 Stars)
Princess and the Peanut by Sue Ganz-Schmitt (5/5 Stars)
All Fired Up by Kate Meader (3/5 Stars)

MeMe’s I participated in:
Teaser Tuesday – Frankie & Delilah
Teaser Tuesday – A Matter of Trust
Teaser Tuesday – Friendship Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Robert Jacoby Blog Post & Giveaway!

Books/other things I won:
How Blanky Found Me by Vesna and Jessica Lovelock @ Mother Daughter Book Reviews
Roxanne St Claire Barefoot Set @ Bookhounds
Dark Secret Love by Alison Tyler @ Books a la Mode
MEET ME AT THE RIVER by Nina de Gramont @ A Drift on Vulcan
5.00 Amazon Gift Card @ Christine’s Blog
The Vicar’s Wife by Katharine Swartz @ LibraryThing: Early Reviewers


Favorite Book This Month:

Goodreads Challenge: 25 books toward your goal of 50 books.
With being sick, and taking care of sick babies 3 months out of this year, I guess my reading took a turn to. However, I am back… and hopefully I can get some reading done now since it is December 🙂

Upcoming in December:
Princess and the Peanut
Gaze Into Heaven
Friendship Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
Washing Cars & Wasting Time
Her Deal With the Devil
When She Came Home
Swimming With Maya
Undeniably Yours (NetGalley)
Brood X
Ducks in a Row
If We Lived In… (Children’s Books)
Impossibly Love
Before We Fall (NetGalley)
A Christmas to Remember (NetGalley)

How was your November?