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Review: Charmed @EricaRidley

CharmedPublisher: Intrepid Reads
Author: Erica Ridley
Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal Romance
Series: Nether-Netherland
Review Source: Author/LibraryThing

★ ☆★ ☆ – 4 Stars

Prepare to be… Charmed!
Daisy le Fey is good at a lot of things. Math, science, accidentally turning people into pumpkins… Unfortunately, she’s not good at the one thing hiring managers look for when filling open positions for magical beings: Magic.
When she jeopardizes her apprenticeship by getting involved with sexy mortal Trevor Masterson, it’s one disaster too many. In order to stay out of purgatory, she’s going to have to ditch the human—and her one chance at true love.

I truly enjoyed this light read and the writing so much I was laughing through a lot of the scenes. The story painted a very detailed picture with enough in the plot that will have you wanting to finish it when you first start to read. There was a lot happening: excitement, emotions, nail biting. I will always remember Daisy and Trevor. I usually don’t read Paranormal, but I think I will start embracing a new genre. I enjoy that easy it was to follow and filled with fantasy. All of the characters were enjoyable,  developed, fun, exciting, flawed, and some even sexy.
Daisy is  strong, cheerful, runs into trouble, and she is wingless tooth fairy. She doesn’t think she needs a relationship much less  romance. I guess you will just need to grab up this book to figure out what Daisy will due to to gain her wings and how her magical powers work, lets just say turning things into pumpkins is not what should happen.
This is an adult twist to fairy tales, and kinda like an all grown up Tinkerbell. If you love tooth fairies, then you will definitely love this book, go ahead and be Charmed, like I was.

About the Author
Erica Ridley learned to read when she was three, which was about the same time she decided to be a writer when she grew up.
She is the author of two Gothic romances, Too Wicked to Kiss and Too Sinful to Deny, the vampire romance “Never Been Bitten” in the paranormal romance anthology Born To Bite, contemporary paranormal romances Charmed and Midwinter Magic, and the holiday romance Let It Snow.
When not reading or writing romances, Erica can be found riding camels in Africa, zip-lining through rainforests in Costa Rica, or getting hopelessly lost in the middle of Budapest.

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Disclosure: I won this book in exchange for a review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

Review: Transparent

TransparentPublisher: HarperTeen
Author: Natalie Whipple
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy
Series: Transparent #1
Review Source: Goodreads ARC

★ ☆★ ☆★ – 5 Stars!

Summary: (Goodreads)
Plenty of teenagers feel invisible. Fiona McClean actually is.
An invisible girl is a priceless weapon. Fiona’s own father has been forcing her to do his dirty work for years—everything from spying on people to stealing cars to breaking into bank vaults.
After sixteen years, Fiona’s had enough. She and her mother flee to a small town, and for the first time in her life, Fiona feels like a normal life is within reach. But Fiona’s father isn’t giving up that easily.
Of course, he should know better than anyone: never underestimate an invisible girl.

My Review:
I really enjoyed this book, like complete awesome read. Once I started I didn’t want to stop. I wanted to keep going… I wanted all my questions that was stirring in my head to be answered and I couldn’t sleep til I got those answers. With the sleep thing: having a 5-year-old, and an infant the sleep thing means a lot, haha!
Fiona’s honesty was so blunt, and her dry humor reminded me a lot of my mother, haha! She was definitely a likely character in this book. I loved watching her character grow as the book went deeper into the storyline. Fiona has never seen herself due to being born with differing ability of invisibility. People could see her clothes, but not her body. I thought that was different from other “invisibility” characters from what I  have read before.
I loved how Fiona got to meet people her age, and got to see how her transformation started to take place. All the characters in this book were so great, and I can’t imagine how they will develop more into the series, but I will definitely have to keep my eyes open for the next book.

About the Author:
Natalie Whipple, sadly, does not have any cool mutations like her characters. Unless you count the ability to watch anime and Korean dramas for hours on end. Or her uncanny knack for sushi consumption.
She grew up in the Bay Area and relocated to Utah for high school, which was quite the culture shock for her anime-loving teen self. But the Rocky Mountains eventually won her over, and she stuck around to earn her degree in English linguistics at BYU. Natalie still lives in Utah with her husband and three kids, and keeps the local Asian market in business with all her attempts to cook Thai curry, Pho, and “real” ramen.

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Disclosure: I won this book for free via Goodreads First Reads. I did not have to do the review, and this review is my honest opinion.


SpellbindingPublisher: Scholastic
Author: Maya Gold
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy
Review Source:  NetGalley/Scholastic

★ ☆★ ☆ – 4 Stars

Summary: (Goodreads)
There’s more than one way to be powerful . . .
It is during a routine school project that Abby Silva–sixteen and nearly friendless–makes a startling discovery: She is descended from women who were accused of witchcraft back in 1600s Salem. And when Abby visits nearby Salem, strange, inexplicable events start to unfold. Objects move when she wills them to. Candles burst into sudden flame. And an ancient spellbook somehow winds up in her possession.
Trying to harness her newfound power, Abby concocts a love potion to win over her longtime crush–and exact revenge upon his cruel, bullying girlfriend. But old magic is not to be trifled with. Soon, Abby is thrust headlong into a world of hexes, secrets, and danger. And then there’s Rem Anders, the beautiful, mysterious Salem boy who seems to know more about Abby than he first lets on.
A reckoning is coming, and Abby will have to make sense of her history–and her heart–before she can face the powerful truth.

My Review:
I can say this book is very entertaining. I loved the fact that it was a page a turner, and you wanted to know what was going to happen next. It may not have been a “wow, that has never happened” in a witch book, but it was enjoyable.
The writing style sucks you into wanting to learn more, and I appreciated that. This book is an easy read, and you will get to know the characters as the story line develops.
You will either like Abby, or not. I genuinely liked her, she is just an average sixteen year old, that grows with mistakes, and learns sometimes you can’t have everything you want. She meets Rem in Salem, and sometimes their relationship was up and down, and not a lot of depth. I did enjoy reading about them though, and one of the reasons for this book to be a page turner.

About Author:
Maya Gold grew up in New Jersey, a few towns north of Diana’s home in Weehawken. Now she lives in upstate New York with her fashion–forward teenage daughter and a very friendly dog. Maya writes books and magazine articles, and in her spare time, she coaches a high school drama club. Cinderella Cleaners is her first series for young readers.

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Disclosure: I received this book for free from NetGalley/Scholastic. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.